July 14, 2024

Willowscapes combine traditional willow weaving techniques with contemporary design to build willow domes, willow igloos, willow dens, willow wigwams, willow tunnels, living hedges, mazes and willow sculptures.


Willowscapes have worked in a vareity of settings including sensory spaces in school grounds, private and public gardens, leisure and heritage sites, conservation and community projects. 

Recent work includes

  • Willow Tunnel, Whitley Memorial C of E School, Bedlington.
  • Willow Den + Tunnel, Rockcliffe First School, Whitley Bay.
  • Willow War Horse Sculpture, Diamond Hall Infant Acad, S’land.
  • Willow Gruffalo Scene Sculptures, Berwick Hills Frist School
  • Sensory Garden, Thorney Close Primary School, Sunderland.
  • 25M Dragon Play Mound, Abbey Infant School, Darlington.